User Agreement

This page has all the rules for this site. We try to keep it brief and simple as opposed to covering all possible scenarios. If you feel that you need more details, explanations, or clarifications please feel free to write and dicsuss anything and everything with us. Life must be fun, not a journey through bureaucracy and legal red tape. We have enough of that in our daily life.

Once again, welcome to our site!
We are here to express our creativity, to share it with others, and to set our passion for writing free.
Good luck to everyone!

1. To submit your text, you need to use the site’s contact form and send us your email address. In return we will send you the upload instructions.

2. You may choose your topic from any we have listed, but please adhere to our genre descriptions which we have labeled “free form” and “strict form”.

3. You can submit as many different essays as you like, even on the same topic, but obviously please make sure these are all different essays.

4. Our moderators will check your text to make sure you followed the Writing Guidelines. If needed they also will edit your text as they see fit so that we present only quality work for our visitors.

5. After your text is reviewed (please note it may be modified) we will publish it in a section under the corresponding topic. At this point your text becomes the property of the site as it is outlined in the Copyright Agreement.

6. We reserve the right to reject any submissions if the language level is not good enough and requires significant rewriting. However, if we decide that it’s interesting enough for us to spend our time and resources to make it presentable we will do so.

7. Please keep in mind that this is a multilingual site. It implies that we translate all of your essays to all of the languages embraced by this site. You may submit in any language and you also may submit your own translation.

8. We are not going to notify you of any changes made to your text. You can check the result of our work with your text if/when we publish it on the site. However we will try and inform you about posting your essay on our site via the contact information you provided.

9. In the event that we choose not to accept your essay, we will do our best to explain, but we cannot promise when. We will try to do so in a reasonable amount of time, but it depend will on our workload.

Please read this document very carefully, so there are no issues in the future regarding your rights and our conditions. If you have concerns about sending us your work and are not completely sure you want to to it, you can 1) discuss it openly with us and see if we can come to an understanding, or 2) simply avoid sending us your work.

In any case: we wish you all the best in being creative.

Please keep in mind that main goals of this endeavor are:
 - Have fun sharing your work with others and building a fan base.
 - Potentially make money. (We will explain monetization of your work in another space on this website.)

Having said that, here is what we propose:

1. You are the rightful owner of your original work. You may withdraw it at any time after it's published on our site.

2. If you do submit your work, we have the right to engage with it and possibly build on it. Any version of the work that results from our writing, revision, research, and translation belongs to us. You still own the original, but the ensuing drafts will be either joint ownership (if you work with us on it) or our sole ownership (if we are the ones revising, researching, and building off of it).

3. By submitting your text, you are agreeing to allow us to revise, alter, or build on it. That’s the point of this site: writers inspiring writers. If this is a problem for you, please do not submit.

4. So, what’s in it for you? If you submit work and we revise, edit, research, translate, and/or build on it, we will be focused on monetization, which means $$$ for you and for us. We will share about half of any profits made from your original work with you. By "you" we mean all of the authors whose work was used to make that profit. That applies as well to the texts we translated to other languages or modified to our liking – you will be considered contributors, and you will get your share.

5. If you decide to remove your original work from our site, you will be allowed to remove that item only. Work that has been altered by us will remain on the site.

6. Removing your original work from our site will not negate any payments you might receive as a result of revised, adapted, edited or translated work which we have sold.

7. When we have our prospective client we will:
 - Inform you that your work is being considered as a part of sale to this client;
 - Outline all the conditions and details related to this sale;
 - Provide you with all the information after the deal is completed;
 - Discuss specific arrangements as to how to deliver the corresponding share to you.

8. We are always open to discussion and suggestions for this site. We want everyone to have a positive empowering experience with us.

9. We do respect your authorship, however, we have our vision for this site. Please respect our rules or simply choose another site.

10. And the last but not the least. This site is free - for authors as well as for readers. At the same time we spend substantial time and efforts to make this site an interesting one, and potentially - a profitable one, for all participants. That is why we paid so much attention to explaining why we own copyrights to all our work. Having said that, we don't exclude a possibility of discussing with you selling our rights back to you, for the work, that was originated from the text you submitted. If it's something you want to discuss, please feel free to contact us.

1. We advise to make your essays within 300-2,000 words. If you feel that these limits are not suitable for you, please contact us and we discuss it.

2. We expect all essays to be original work by the person submitting the item.

3. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

4. If sources are used, please cite using APA (American Psychological Association) standards.

5. Please be sure that good grammar is used according to the standards of the language in which it is composed.

6. We will not accept erotic, vulgar, offensive, or violent writing.

7. Hate speech will not be tolerated.

8. Please include a title page on which you state the title, author, and topic.

Our rules are simple, but we are going to really enforce them. As they say: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do."

1. Spam and spammers are the plague of the Internet era. We are going to make our best effort to spare our site from this issue. Therefore even slightest attempts of spamming will not be tolerated. We are too busy to send you warnings. You will simply be banned from the site. So, if you are not sure about posting something that might be considered a spam, please check with us first.

2. There are some common principles of behaviour among civilized people: respect to each other, politeness, tolerance to opinions of others, etc. We expect you to behave accordingly.

3. This site is not a political platform. We also do not promote any of the world's religions. Obviously, we support a freedom of speech and a freedom of opinions, but it must not be a self-purpose of your work. Your essays should stay within a concrete topic, be that a fictional work or based on real facts or your life experiences.

4. The world in 21st century is very diverse, sometimes even too much so. In this multi-faceted world there are many "traditions" and "ideas", both coming from ancient times and those that got popular within the last few decades. We in no way are obliged to tolerate everything and anything. Our main principle is concise but powerful: "Two things fill the mind with ever new and increasing admiration and awe, the more often and steadily we reflect upon them: the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me." And we thank Immanuel for allowing us to borrow it.

All of the data you enter in your account/profile sections is kept strictly confidential.
It means that we don't sell it or share it with any third party, unless it's required by law.
None of the users on this site can access or see your data besides the site Administrators. Even Administrators don't have the access to your password.
So, how do we use this information?
1. We use your contact information when we need to discuss with you any issues related to your works or potential usage of your works for publication, as stated in other sections of this document.
2. Some of the data from your profile is used on your author card.
3. We also provide you with an option to contact your fellow authors, who published their work on our site.
Most of the data in your account/profile sections is mandatory for all authors. Please note that your work won't be published until you properly fill in the required data.
If you have any questions at all in regards to using your personal info, please don't hesitate to talk to us via the contact form on the main menu.