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You are witnessing a genesis of this site. The shape and the future of this site mainly depends on you, its readers and contributors. We invite you to become a co-creator of this site - inquire inside.
We have our first publication! Please, come in, don't be shy, get settled comfortably and discover the worlds of authors unknown to you.
Who knows, maybe you will be drawn to send us your work as well, the one that was buried under a layer of dust in your locked and forgotten drawer...

We’re really glad you’re here. This is the place for the people who love words, love telling stories, and love sharing their work.
So, let’s get acquainted. We’re a group of enthusiasts, and creativity is our passion. We’ve spent a lot of time over the years developing projects and striving to create something unique, and during this time we’ve run into a lot of people who are like us are trying to get their voices heard. Maybe you’re one of those people. You’ve worked hard, but you can’t seem to get your work to take off.
Yes, we know there are sites that offer to help with this – they’ll help you publish a book or get your artwork noticed, but then you pay your fee and nothing!! And, yes, we’ve published on Amazon… sold quite a few books, saw very little profit.
So, there are a lot of well-meaning sites and a few not so well-meaning. The problem is that creativity should be fun. It’s your chance to pour out your passion and share your perspective, but the irony here is that while there are more places than ever to do this, there’s also more frustration than ever for creators.
We’ve experienced this frustration. Sadly, this often led to projects dying an early death because the enjoyed was smothered. And that’s where this site fits into the picture. We want to work with other writers, have fun and create something amazing.
This site focuses on essays and essays only. So, you’re invited to share essays and then as our conversation progresses, maybe we’ll take those essays and turn them into something else… like a novel, a script, or a blog. Who knows? But above all else, we’re going to have fun and we’re going to hear new voices. We’ll add a new topic when we find an interesting one and then set our imaginations on fire and write!
While we do encourage creativity at all ages, please do not register on this site if you are a US ciitizen under 13.

So, you've decided to try and get creative by submitting an essay to us? Here are a few things you should know.
 - Select from the listed topics.
 - The list of topics will be published and updated regularly.
 - Submit as many essays as you like on the listed topics, but we accept only essays.
 - We will offer writing prompts and guidance.
 - But you’re also free to select your own topic.
 - Your essay will be proofread and edited by one of our moderators, if necessary, to conform to language grammar. It will also be checked for meeting the submission requirements, such as the topic, an absence of prohibited matters, etc.
 - Your essay, if accepted, will also be translated to all the site's languages. You can submit your own translation if you feel confident doing it. More than that - you can submit your work in any of the site's languages, but it needs to be on a level close to native.
HERE you can find all detailed Submission Rules, Rules of Behaviour and Copyright Agreement. Please be sure to read them carefully before sending us your text, since it would mean that you read, understood, and agreed to follow them and abide by them.
Have fun essaying!

If you have any questions that aren't addressed below, please write to us!

Question: Who is this site for?
Answer: It's for everyone who wants to share their thoughts, ideas and considerations with others, but who haven't found their own form for expressing that yet.

Question: Why should I register?
Answer: Only registered users can add essays, participate in discussions, vote on essay topics, and communicate with other authors on the site.

Question: Can I add my work in a form different from an essay?
Answer: Not at the moment, no. It's quite likely that this opportunity will be added in the future.

Question: I have already seen a similar site. What is so different about yours?
Answer: Well, we haven't. Please do share! It's not impossible that this idea was already implemented.

Question: I don't see an interesting topic. Can I add one of my own?
Answer: Yes, you can. Please send us your suggestion for a topic. Better yet, you can send us the topic and your completed essay. If we find it interesting, we will add it to our list of the topics and we will publish your work.